Links to Health resources in TIG

There are a number of health related resources on TIG and partner sites and this page provides you with links to some of these health materials. Following the links to lesson/ unit plans will take you to a specific page on this wiki for that resource that with references to learning areas within the New Zealand curriculum and NCEA achievement and unit standards. There are also links to supporting New Zealand statistics and resources.

Lesson plans

The following lesson plans include New Zealand curriculum objectives, key competencies, NZCA achievement standards and links to local resources to match up with materials and resources that can be found on the TakingITGlobal site.

Link to wiki page with NZ objectives and resources
Description of resource on TakingITGlobal
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Tobacco and smoking
The Virtual Classroom on Tobacco Control has been developed to positively influence behavioural intentions and resistance to smoking initiation among young people, inform youth about global tobacco issues and the global impact of their choices and actions, and increase the number of youth involved in tobacco control.

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AIDs and HIV
TIG Xpress HIV/AIDS draws on the potential of media technologies to undertake HIV/AIDS education based on social justice, transnational communication and global solidarity between youth.