Languages and TIG

Useful links in TIG for languages

Discussion boards

Discussion board links for different languages (main community section)
French Board
Spanish Board
Russian Board
Arabic Board
Portuguese Board

Translation of site

TIG_languages.pngAbility to translate site into a range of languages. Note that this is done by volunteers so the quality of the translation depends on who has done the translation.

Member search

Member search - you can do a member search by language that they speak and then contact them to set up email exchanges. You can also opt to only search for educators to help you find other teachers to work with.

Information about regions

Regions - this section contains information about different regions and countries. It also aggregates the blog posts created by people from that region.

Contributing to the Panorama magazine

You can read articles in other languages and contribute articles written in other languages to the Panorama Magazine.

Setting up collaborative projects through TIG

For language teachers, one of the most powerful aspects of TIG is to set up collaborative projects between students in your own class and those from overseas.

Searching the collaborative database

Find a collaborative partner using the collaborator database search in TIGed. You can search by country which can help find speakers of your target language.