Agenda for the workshop

TakingITGlobal address:

First session: Getting familiar with the main TIG site

Intro to TIG presentation
1) Sign up as a TIG member and start building profile

Knowing what is available within TIG
1) Complete the TIG "scavenger hunt" by completing the tasks below
  • Find a relevant discussion board topic and decide how you might use it in your classroom
  • Use the member search to locate an educator from a different country - try filtering by interests
  • Download a 'Guide to Action' pack and evaluate its usefulness in the New Zealand context
  • Search for a Toolkit and look at one in more detail
  • Play one of the educational games on TIG
  • Comment on item in global gallery
  • Read a Panorama Magazine article and consider how you might make use of the magazine in your classroom
  • Choose a global issue and then explore a sub-issue: find a blog post within TIG on that topic and a related web link from outside of TIG
  • Find and evaluate the content about New Zealand within the 'Regions' section

Second session: What TIG offers Educators

Overview of TIGed
1) Explore some of the curriculum resources within TIG linked to from within this wiki
2) Search the TIGed database for 1-2 activities that you could use with your class
3) Browse thematic classrooms

Virtual classroom tour
1) Visit open classrooms to see how they have been used
2) Join a demonstration classroom and try out some of the tools
3) Set up a demo classroom (optional)

Third session: Global Collaborations

Experiences with global collaborations
1) Share experiences from group related to global collaborations
2) Read best practices guide

Guidelines for global collaborations
1) Read through guidelines on the wiki
2) Discuss how global collaborations could enhance the work you are doing in your classroom/s

Finding collaborative partners
1) Brainstorm 1-3 specific project ideas
2) Decide on the timeframe and methods of collaboration
3) Identify 1-3 potential collaboration partners to contact
4) Build resources to support your collaboration