Finding partners on TakingITGlobal

There is a search function within TIGed to find teachers or classes to collaborate with from around the world. You can search by subject area, age level and/or country. You can also add information about a collaborative project that you would like to find partners for or indicate that you would be interested in joining in with other projects in the 'My Collaboration Details' box. Once the search results are displayed, you can further sort the results using the drop down menu of options. You can also choose to redo the search but this time only show those who have entered collaboration details.

Other collaborative sites to find partners

While this project focuses on TakingITGlobal as the source for setting up collaborative projects, these other sites could be useful for ideas for developing a TIG project and for publishing it in order to find more collaboration partners (especially as TIGed is still growing as a network).

While looking through these sites, be aware that many talk about projects in USA grade levels. Here is a quick guide to average ages of children in those grade levels.
Kindergarten (K)-age 5-6.......................................
First Grade- age 6-7
Second Grade- age 7-8
Third Grade- age 8-9
Fourth Grade-age 9-10
Fifth Grade- age 10-11
Sixth Grade- age 11-12
Seventh Grade- age 12-13
Eighth Grade- age 13-14
Ninth Grade- age 14-15
Tenth Grade- age 15-16
Eleventh Grade- age 16-17
Twelfth Grade- age 17-18
Useful guidelines and examples of projects. You need to register (free) if you want to advertise a project on their site.
Another place to see collaborative projects and advertise your own. You do need to register (free) and then sign up your school to use the service. This is just a safety check to make sure that only valid educators are using the site.

A large number of educators that can be searched for here. You can also advertise your projects in this area. Again you need to register to put up any content.

A place to find collaboration partners and see examples of projects

The Networked Learner
A teacher network with collaborative projects listed.

Global Collaboration Ning
A network of educators interested in global education

Visit The Global Education Collaborative