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There are now opportunities for secondary school teachers and teachers of Year 7/8 to be part of a project set up as a partnership between TakingITGlobal (TIG), the Ministry of Education, CORE education and participating schools. The programme supports the development of innovative e-learning in classes with a social sciences focus.

Introducing TakingITGlobal

  • It is a moderated e-learning network of both youth and educators, with members across 200 countries.
  • It provides opportunities for learning, capacity-building, cross-cultural awareness, and self-development through the use of information and communication technologies.

Why work with TIG?

In a global society, our students need to become aware of other cultural perspectives. Many of the biggest issues today require a global response and youth need to feel as if they have a voice and can make a difference. There are tools on the site to help your students make global connections and to set up collaborative action projects for positive change.

Upcoming workshop opportunities

There are no current workshops scheduled - watch this space!
Date Venue Timeframe Cost

What to expect at the workshops

  • An overview of TIG and time to explore the main website.
  • An introduction to the TIG education community.
  • How to set up collaborative projects - guidelines and examples.
  • Demonstration of a virtual classroom and tools.
  • Time to set up and resource a project including support to find collaborative partners

To register for the workshops and to see other details, please visit the workshops page on this wiki.

Available support from the project co-ordinator

Virtual support (no cost)
  • An online wiki set up to support and document the project. (
  • Phone, email and Skype support.
  • Project newsletter (to showcase the projects happening in NZ schools).
Workshops and in-school support
Based on identified needs, teachers can be supported to:
  • navigate around TIG website and locate appropriate resources
  • plan a project or series of lessons incorporating TIG content
  • establish global connections and projects with other TIG educators
  • work within a virtual classroom space (optional at an additional cost).

Costs for face-to-face support (these prices have been subsidised by the MoE and exclude GST):
Regional workshops $80/participant
Full day in-school support $300
Half day in-school support $150
In-school workshops $80/hr
For further information, please get in touch with Liz Stevenson, the TIG project co-ordinator

Ideas for TakingITGlobal

TIG Social sciences

  • Collaborate with global partner classes to investigate social and cultural issues.
  • Research using the huge bank of resources on TIG.
  • Set up an inquiry to take local action.
  • Explore other perspectives and cultures through interaction with the TIG community.

TIG English

  • Set up writing projects with partner classes.
  • Read and contribute to TIG magazines.
  • View and create images for the Global Gallery.
  • Read and write blog posts and forum entries.
  • Research information on TIG to use for writing assignments.

TIG Languages

  • Collaborate with global classes and students speaking your target language.
  • Use TIG as reading material (translates into twelve languages).
  • Write and read blog posts and forum entries in your target languague.

TIG Languages

  • Investigate health issues such as AIDS in a global context.
  • Set up science experiments that can be mirrored by partner classes globally eg water quality, weather studies.
  • Survey partner classes for a statistical project.

TIG In Action

Brand Me project

TIG best practice examples

"Every single student said they learned more in the TIG project because of the contact with Mr Moses [director of orphanage in Uganda]. In their words, he was 'living it' and it helped to give them a deeper understanding of issues in that part of the world"

Jennifer Meagher - Canadian teacher

"If young people thought of themselves as community leaders, problem-solvers, role models, mentors and key would the world change?

Jennifer Corriero - TIG Co-founder

TIGed project partners
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