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Aug 09 Update: The navigation bar of this wiki has been reorganised. You many not be able to see the same pages in the navigation bar as when you were on a TIG course. This is because the navigation was getting too long and complicated. You now need to click on the categories in the navigation bar which will take you to an index of pages based around that topic.

Welcome to the TakingITGlobal NZ companion wiki. This will be a place to explore how to use the TakingITGlobal website in New Zealand schools. There are general resources for using the website as well as ideas on how to use TIG for specific curriculum areas. As teachers begin to use the TIG tools, this space will also be used to document the outcomes of these projects.

TakingITGlobal is an amazing resource website with a huge amount of content on global issues and also tools for working with this content to get youth actively involved.

The image on this page was created by New Zealand students aged 9-10 years old at Marfell Community School. The children were then able to publish their work to a global audience on the TIG website at this address: http://gallery.tigweb.org/PTPIGYM/15575

This is just one small taste of how TIG can be used in an educational setting. From a simple project such as identifying and sharing New Zealand icons as in this piece of art to setting up more complex action projects with collaborative partners, there is something in TIG for every classroom.

Please note that to get additional support from the NZ project director for TIG, you would need to be working with students in the identified age bracket of year seven to year twelve. Details of the pricing for this can be found in the flyer that can be downloaded from the 'Handouts' page on the left.